METTLER TOLEDO Industrial Weighing

METTLER TOLEDO Industrial Weighing


Weigh Terminals

Controllers and Weighing Terminals

Providing you accurate results and fast material transfer in applications from basic filling to complex batching processes.


Bench Scale

Bench Scales and Portable Scales

Less effort is needed and greater efficiency can be achieved with portable and bench scales that meet the needs of your industrial weighing process.
floor scale

Floor Scales and Heavy Duty

Rugged and accurate, METTLER TOLEDO floor scales ensure precise weighing of bulky and heavy goods.

Autotitrators, Karl Fischer, Sample Changers

Load Cell

Weigh Modules, Load Cells, Weight Sensors

Tailored solutions for easy integration and top linearity, repeatability and speed for long life in rugged industrial environments


Hazardous Area

Hazardous Area Scales and Solutions

Easily integrated intrinsically safe weighing solutions to boost productivity and enhance product quality in explosive environments.



Good Weighing Practice™ (GWP®) and Validation

Tailored quality management guidelines to achieve the best weighing results at the lowest costs
Test Weights

Test Weights

Ensure the accuracy of your weighing equipment with industrial test weights that meet legal requirements for easy, safe and productive testing.


Streamline processes and optimize product quality with a few keystrokes. Specialized software for industrial applications saves time, money and effort.






Printers and Peripherals

Flexible and easy to use, our industrial printers and peripherals make recording your weighing and process data effortless.


Calibration of weighing instrumentation

SANAS accredited (ISO/IEC 17025) calibration of digital weighing instruments up to two tons in capacity is offered. Calibration is carried out with test weights traceable to national standards.  Mass pieces used by our technicians during calibration are recalibrated at regular intervals.  We offer our calibration services on all manufacturers of weighing instruments


Analytical Instruments and and Process Analytics 

  • Certification of Mettler-Toledo analytical and process analytical equipment using Mettler-Toledo’s proprietary certification tools.


Product Inspection Equipment

  • Performance verification of Mettler-Toledo Safeline metal detectors and X-ray systems.
  • Routine service and calibration of Mettler-Toledo Garvens checkweighing systems and Mettler-Toledo Cargoscan dimensioning systems.

New Products

METTLER TOLEDO’s FreeWeigh.Net SQC Software

New FreeWeigh.Net software can be used to implement statistical quality control
METTLER TOLEDO’s FreeWeigh.Net SQC (Statistical Quality Control) software is a network based solution for capturing quality and process control information. Using FreeWeigh.Net allows for information from weighing balances, checkweighers, metal detectors and other measuring devices to be captured and stored. Many companies in South Africa’s food and beverage industry have implemented FreeWeigh.Net software and are reaping the cost saving benefits by controlling their filling processes.


FreeWeigh.Net is the ideal solution for quality and production processes as it provides statistical methods for analysing and controlling the variation within a process. SQC emphasises in-process control with the objective of controlling the quality of a manufacturing process or service operation using sampling techniques. Implementing SQC in industrial processes involves collecting data or samples from the process, analysing them using standard statistical methods, and controlling the variation by closing the process feedback loop.

FreeWeigh.Net is distinguished by its large number of standard functions. The modular structure of the software allows step-wise expansion, integration with existing equipment and hence continual adaptation to ever-changing production environments.

Implementing FreeWeigh.Net is easy and only requires five steps:

  1. Create product specifications, tolerances and set points
  2. Define these set points and tolerances in the software product catalogue
  3. Select the product at the test site (scale, checkweigher etc)
  4. Sample and automatically capture the data into a central database
  5. Use the real time monitoring and automatic daily reporting to improve the process.

FreeWeigh.Net determines the production filling data and any corrections necessary for optimisation of the filling process are brought to the operator’s attention. In quality control where “e” mark certification, ISO, SPC, GLP or GMP regulations are important, FreeWeigh.Net is the best solution to monitor production. It provides permanent control for over/under weight, quality attributes and other variables. The attractive and easy to use graphical interface has gained acceptance thanks to its clear and simple structure, and is recognised in many global industrial operations.





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