Waters Mass Spectrometry

Waters Mass Spectrometry

Single Quadrupole Mass Detection

Waters innovative single quadrupole mass detectors are designed for robustness, to make access to mass spectral data easy for scientists with all levels of expertise.

Tandem Quadrupole ( Triple Quadrupole ) Mass Spectrometry

Waters innovative tandem quadrupole MS technology is designed for quantitative UPLC®/MS/MS. Our philosophy centers on making high performance accessible, robust and reliable.

Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometry

Waters Time-of-flight MS systems, featuring QuanTof and MSE technologies, provide the highest UPLC/MS performance to meet the needs of challenging qualitative and quantitative applications.

Quadrupole Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometry

Waters Quadrupole Time-of-flight MS systems, featuring QuanTof, Fast DDA and MSEtechnologies, provide the highest UPLC/MS/MS performance to meet the needs of challenging qualitative and quantitative applications.

Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry

Waters SYNAPT systems combine ion mobility separations with high resolution MS, significantly enhancing routine MS/MS workflows, enabling new discoveries not possible any other way.

Magnetic Sector Mass Spectrometry

Waters long history in Mass spectrometry started with Magnetic Sector technology. Sectors deliver the ultimate in high resolution GC/MS for ultra-trace quantification of environmental contaminants like Dioxins and PCBs

Ion Sources

Waters Universal Ion Source Architecture allows you to use the widest range of ionization techniques as well as the very latest innovations in ionization technologies

Key Technologies

Our design philosophy of Engineered Simplicity is the combination of highest performance with system versatility and simplicity of operation. Guaranteeing maximum system performance and usability to ensure your success.

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