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Acquity Arc Bio System

ACQUITY Arc Bio System for your daily bioseparations challenges

The Waters ACQUITY Arc Bio system is a versatile, iron-free, bio-inert, quaternary liquid chromatograph specifically engineered to enable the efficient transfer and improvement of bioseparation analytical methods regardless of the LC platform on which the original method was developed.


Engineered with bio-inert flow paths made of iron-free materials, the ACQUITY Arc Bio system keeps large molecules intact and on the move, for better sample recovery and minimal carryover, whether the chromatographic mode is reversed phase (RP), ion exchange (IEX), size exclusion (SEC), or hydrophobic interaction (HIC).

Built upon the reliable foundation of the ACQUITY Arc system, the ACQUITY Arc Bio system is designed with novel Arc Multi-flow path technology to provide the versatility and robustness required to efficiently transfer, adjust, or improve your methods without compromising method integrity.

  • Experience true plug-and-play HPLC and UHPLC bioseparations
  • Modernise existing legacy methods
  • Accelerate analytical assays designed to assess biotherapeutic quality attributes related to safety, stability and efficacy

This Bio-Inert System is compatible with numerous detectors from Waters, including photodiode array, UV/Vis, fluorescence, refractive index, evaporative light scattering and the ACQUITY QDa mass detector. In addition, the ACQUITY Arc Bio system features novel Auto Blend Plus™ technology that automatically blends up to four solvents in any combination or proportion and allows the operator to program in pH and ionic strength for ion-exchange or size exclusion-based methods, or program in the organic solvent concentration and pH for reversed-phase gradient separations. This significantly reduces human error and the task of preparing buffered mobile phases manually. The system is controlled through Waters Empower 3 and MassLynx software.

Acquity Arc Bio System