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Automated SPE-DEX 5000

Automated SPE-DEX 5000 disk extraction system

Horizon Technology, a leading global manufacturer of automated sample preparation systems for the analysis of organic compounds and Oil & Grease Testing, offers the SPE-DEX® 5000 extractor system for the extraction of semivolatile/nonvolatile organic compounds.


As commercial and municipal labs are pressured to provide higher productivity with fewer personnel, automated systems can help provide support for sample preparation. The SPE-DEX 5000 automates extraction of semivolatile/nonvolatile compounds from drinking water, wastewater, seawater and other types of liquid samples using solid phase extraction (SPE) disks. The entire process is computer controlled and can process a sample unattended with checks to assure that a sample is not lost.

The SPE-DEX 5000 is a three-position automated disk extraction system that conditions the disk, loads the sample (20 mL to 2 L) and elutes the analytes all without intervention!  A benchtop system with optional use in a hood, the SPE-DEX 5000 is a rugged system incorporating clean materials to allow extraction of low concentration compounds.  The system offers a number of features that facilitate easy use of the system including the ability to run previously developed methods with just a few clicks. It also offers the flexibility to optimize many parameters for the best performance in recovery and precision of desired analytes.

The SPE-DEX 5000 is used with DryDisk® extract drying, the DryVap® evaporation system, and Atlantic® SPE disks for a complete workflow approach.

Automated SPE-DEX 5000