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Horizon, a part of Biotage, supplies solid phase extraction (SPE) systems for the analysis of semi/nonvolatile organic compounds for a wide variety of applications, including environmental, food safety, beverage, and agriculture. Dedicated systems are available for seamless extract drying, evaporation/concentration and solvent recovery.


Oil and Grease Analysis Solutions

Oil and Grease (hexane extractables) is a general indicator of the amount of hydrocarbon in a water supply.  It is an important measurement that can be used to indicate water quality and help ensure consistent wastewater treatment plant operation.


Automated Extraction Systems

As commercial and municipal laboratories are pressured to provide higher productivity with fewer personnel, automated extraction systems can help provide support for sample preparation.


Automated Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)

Advances in technology have brought us solid phase extraction (SPE) which has largely replaced older extraction methods due to its improved safety and more predictable results. SPE is used to separate semi-volatile and non-volatile compounds from liquid matrices, including methods for drinking water, groundwater, surface water and wastewater.



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