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SmartCheck Pipette

Check your pipettes with SmartCheck

Pipette routine testing

Rainin’s SmartCheck is a quick and easy way to check if pipettes are dispensing accurately. SmartCheck has a proprietary technology consisting of a weighing cell that automatically recognizes the test volume. Based on four replicates, the device provides a quick, yet reliable confirmation showing if the pipette and its user deliver accurate volumes.


Pipette verification in seconds

Verifying a pipette’s performance before working with precious samples and reagents saves time and money, especially in regulated environments. SmartCheck runs a number of calculations and delivers a pass or fail result in less than 60 seconds, then you can know that your pipette is aspirating and dispensing correctly.


Verify any brand of pipette

Use SmartCheck to verify the performance of any brand of pipette that dispenses volumes between 10–1000 μL.  Users can also verify individual channels of multichannel pipettes.  Simply dispense deionized water into the liquid chamber and SmartCheck automatically detects the test volume and delivers a result. It is also perfect for training and improving pipetting technique.


Fast & compact

Not only is SmartCheck fast and compact – it is the only automatic ISO 8655-based pipette verification tool available.  SmartCheck takes volumetric measurements using the gravimetric method and calculates the random and systematic error based on four measurements.

SmartCheck Pipettes