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Vertu lateral flow reader

Vertu Lateral flow reader for fast mycotoxin detection

VICAM, a Waters Business, offers the Vertu™ digital lateral flow reader for fast, easy, and quantitative mycotoxin screening. The Vertu lateral flow reader provides accessible mycotoxin testing to food and agriculture producers who rely on early detection to protect humans and animals from contamination.


The Vertu lateral flow reader system is easy to use and allows one to test at the point of sampling, offering exceptional value with fast, accurate numerical results, using fewer solvents in less time. The Vertu lateral flow reader is designed to analyse Vicam lateral flow strip tests. The optical detector moves along the strip test, records data and converts the data to a toxin concentration through a lot-specific calibration curve. Digital readings are clearly displayed on the screen eliminating any guesswork.  Operators obtain results in part-per-billion (ppb) or part-per-million (ppm) in minutes, providing critical data for the management and control of mycotoxins, either onsite or in the laboratory.

Vertu technology enhances VICAM’s portfolio of single-use food safety tests designed to detect contaminants in ppb.  It meets increasingly stringent regulatory and economic challenges confronting today’s global food chain. With a comprehensive product line evaluated and trusted by industry leaders in more than 100 countries, VICAM is the leader in rapid mycotoxin test solutions.

Mycotoxins are naturally occurring chemical byproducts of ubiquitous mould species that are natural inhabitants of crop soils. Severe rain or drought can encourage mycotoxin production.  Once released, mycotoxins are difficult to manage and virtually impossible to destroy. VICAM offers detection systems for single and multiple mycotoxin quantification both onsite and in-laboratory screening. Producers and exporters use onsite testing to ensure regulatory compliance and to protect human and animal health.

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