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pH meters for peak performance in the lab

Microsep offers the METTLER TOLEDO pH meters and sensors for precise and reliable pH, ORP, ion concentration, conductivity and dissolved oxygen (DO, BOD) measurements.  The pH meters and sensors product portfolio covers the most varied electrochemical applications in all sectors and offers solutions for both complex applications as well as for simple routine measurements.


High pH measurement performance

METTLER TOLEDO’s focus is on high quality pH meters and sensors; benchtop meters, portable meters and sensors combined with simple, intuitive operation and ergonomic design that ensure optimal measurement performance for a range of applications.  In addition, certified calibration solutions for pH, conductivity and ion concentration ensure reliable measurement results.

OneClick™ user interface

Productivity is maximised with the integrated intuitive OneClick operation technology. The user can start an analysis with a single keypress, resulting in less errors and higher efficiency in the laboratory.

pH measurement automation

Increase efficiency and measurement repeatability by connecting your benchtop pH meters with the InMotion™ autosampler.  The InMotion autosampler integrates with your pH meter to maximise throughput without sacrificing bench space. It should be noted that one can create a flexible and efficient workflow by eliminating process order and transcription errors.

Compliance and data security

Security functions help support your workflow during calibration, data collection and data archiving.  For this reason, built-in method creation ensures that analyses are performed with identical settings and parameters. LabX® software adds more functionality and compliance such as data and resource management and allows your benchtop pH meter to connect to other laboratory instruments.

ph meter