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Product Inspection Services

Performance verification of Safeline metal detectors and X-ray systems

Routine service and calibration of Garvens checkweighing and Cargoscan dimensioning systems

Our Product Inspection service division is able to support our customers throughout the life of their Mettler Toledo Product Inspection equipment.

At time of installation, we offer commissioning, initial qualification and training.

Once in operation, we offer performance verification, spare parts sales as well as both on-site and depot repairs.

We offer routine training to ensure that customer staff remain up-to-date on the operation of their Mettler-Toledo equipment.

We work with our clients to put together customised service agreement offerings and can offer spare parts kits to maximise machine up-time and efficiency.

We take pride in partnering with our customers to ensure that their product inspection equipment works to its maximum potential, providing peace of mind for both our clients and for their end customers.

Product Inspection

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