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DSC 3 – Differential Scanning Calorimeter

Reliable Results for Years to Come

Thanks to its modular design, the DSC 3 as part of the METTLER TOLEDO Thermal Analysis Excellence Line is the best choice for manual or automatic operation, from quality assurance and production through to research and development. The DSC uses a robust and versatile DSC sensor with 56 thermocouples which guarantees simultaneous outstanding resolution and sensitivity.

  • Robust endurance-tested sample robot – operates efficiently and reliably 24/7.
  • One Click™ – allows the user to start predefined methods safely and easily.
  • Robust MultiSTARe sensor with 56 thermocouples – detects the smallest and largest thermal effects.


Product Specifications

Temp Range -150 to 700 °C TAWN Resolution  0.12/0.2
Sensor (FRS 5+) 56 thermocouples TAWN Sensitivity 11.9/56
Sensor (HSS 8+) 120 thermocouples Indium Response Ratio >155 mW/°C
Heating Rate 0.02 to 300 K/min  Trade Name  DSC