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EasyMax 102 Basic Synthesis Workstation

Small Scale Organic Synthesis

The EasyMax 102 Basic synthesis workstation replaces the traditional round bottom flask on the 0.5 to 100mL scale. EasyMax 102 Basic offers a wide temperature range and an unequivocal level of personal safety. With the EasyMax 102 Basic, scientists can synthesize more new compounds faster, eliminate non-viable candidates earlier and perform reaction optimization more efficiently.

  • One-Touch Control – Changing reaction parameters with the intuitive EasyMax touchscreen is simple, data and trends are displayed on the screen instantaneously and a sequence of consecutive tasks can be easily programmed for 24 hour unattended operation.
  • Unmatched Flexibility – Interchangeable sleeves and reactors provide flexibility to synthesize, optimize, and characterize chemistry at volumes from 0.5mL to 100mL.
  • Personal Safety – Operator safety is ensured by controlling all parameters via remote touchscreen without opening the hood. Control reaction temperature even when exothermic reactions occur.


Product Specifications

Temp Range -40 to 180 °C Material Powder-coated, stainless steel with FEO coated cover plate
Operating Volume 0.5ml – 100ml Dimensions 33cm x 36cm x 28cm
Weight 16 kg Power Requirements 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Heating/Cooling Solid State Thermostat  Material Number(s)  30133676