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Rectangular Aperture Metal Detectors

Our rectangular aperture industrial metal detectors are designed to detect contaminants in conveyorised, loose or packed product applications.

  • Unrivalled Levels Of Detection Sensitivity
  • Detection of all metal types including ferrous, non-ferrous and even difficult-to-detect non-magnetic stainless steels.
  • Customisable and Combinable With Conveyor Systems
  • Available in a wide range of aperture sizes to suit all applications, they can provide fully automated in-line inspection when integrated with conveyor handling systems.

Typical Applications

Include meat, poultry, fish, bakery and ready meals, through to sacked / crated produce, plus products with large product signals – such as cheese blocks and bulk meat packs.


Regulatory Compliance

Your metal detection equipment can aid compliance with national and international food safety standards, as well as with retailers’ own codes of practice.