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Vicam mycotoxin testing solutions for various markets

Vertu lateral flow VicamAnimal Feed

Protect the quality of food and feed with AflaTest, Afla-V AQUA, DON-V, Fumo-V AQUA, T2test, T2/HT-2 and Myco6in1.


To ensure the purity and safety of Botanical products, manufacturers monitor for the presence of mycotoxins such as aflatoxin and ochratoxin A. VICAM offers on-site detection systems and laboratory methods for quantitation and confirmation to meet regulatory limits for mycotoxins. 

Meet regulatory requirements for botanicals and nutraceuticals with AflaCheck, AlfaOchra, AflaTest and OchraTest. More info


Ensure the purity and marketability of coffee with AlfaOchra, OchraTest, OchraTest WB, and Ochra-V AQUA. More info


Ensure the quality of corn in food and feed with AflaTest, Afla-V AQUA, DON-V and  Fumo-V AQUA.

Corn/maize is at risk for the presence of mycotoxins such as aflatoxin, vomitoxin (DON), fumonisin, zearalenone and ochratoxin. Global regulations set limits for maximum allowable levels of mycotoxins in maize as low as 2 parts per billion (ppb) for aflatoxin B1, 750 ppb deoxynivalenol (DON), 200 ppb fumonisin, 3 ppb ochratoxin A and 60 ppb of zearalenone. More info


Dairy cattle may be fed rations containing aflatoxin or other mycotoxins and contamination may appear in the cow’s milk, rendering it unsafe for human consumption. Global regulatory limits for aflatoxin in milk and other dairy products are as low as 0.05 parts per billion, with even lower limits for food intended for children. VICAM offers rapid, accurate test kits that deliver precise data to ensure dairy products are safe to consume.

Verify that dairy products are safe and nutritious to consume with Afla M1 FL+, Afla M1 HPLC, Afla M1-V, Afla M1-VHS and AflaTest. More info


Ethanol co-products such as dried distillers’ grains (DDG), distillers grains with soluble (DDGS), wet distillers grains (WDGS) and heavy steep water (HSW) are valuable nutrition sources for livestock producers. However, if inbound corn contains aflatoxin, fumonisin or other mycotoxins prior to processing, the final co-products streams will contain concentrated levels of mycotoxins. Rapid, on-site mycotoxin monitoring tools from VICAM help protect the value of ethanol co-products, ensuring safety and marketability. More info

Dried Fruit

VICAM’s range of AOAC and USDA approved methods ensure rapid, actionable data to support dried fruit exports worldwide.  Use AflaTest, AflaTest WB, AflaOchra HPLC, OchraTest, OchraTest WB  to detect mycotoxins such as aflatoxin and ochratoxin A which may be present in the fresh fruit counterpart prior to drying. More info


Ensure almond exports pass at port inspections with AflaTest, AflaTest WB, AflaTest WBSR and Afla-V.


Ensure quality pistaschio production with AflaTest, AflaTest WB, AflaTest WBSR , AflaOchra and Afla-V.

Tree Nuts

Ensure tree nut exports pass at port inspections with AflaCheck, AflaTest, AflaTest WB and Afla-V. More info


Help the peanut industry thrive with AflaCheck, AflaTest, AflaTest WB, Afla-V, Afla-V AQUA and Afla-V AQUAHS. More info

Pet Food

Mycotoxins are among the most common risks for pet food companies. The US FDA recommendation for pet foods indicates maximum levels for aflatoxin at less than 20 ppb and less than 5 parts per million (ppm) for deoxynivalenol (DON). VICAM’s AOAC and USDA-GIPSA approved diagnostic kits provide the most comprehensive and effective tools for mycotoxin monitoring and prevention in the world.

Protect pet health with AflaTest, Afla-V, DONtest, HPLC, DON-V, Fumo-V and Myco6in1. More info


Spices may be at risk for mycotoxins when environmental conditions encourage mould growth, despite good cultivation practices. Aflatoxin and ochratoxin are the most common to effect spice products. Global legislation places maximum allowable limits on domestic and imported food products for levels as low as 2 parts per billion (ppb) in spices. VICAM’s fast, effective detection solutions deliver AOAC and USDA approved results to help ensure market ready spice products.

Keep the spice trade healthy with AflaOchra, AflaTest, AflaTest WB, OchraTest and OchraTest WB. More info


Keep the wheat trade healthy with AflaTest, Afla-V, DONCheck, DON-V, OchraTest and Ochra-V AQUA. More info




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