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Fast and accurate spectral measurements

UV VISMETTLER TOLEDO’s UV/VIS (Ultraviolet-Visible Spectroscopy) Excellence Spectrophotometers offer superior optical performance and comply with strict Pharmacopeia standards. An intuitive interface, pre-verified methods, and colour measurements are all expertly bundled in one small, robust instrument. The combination of array technology and a long-life xenon light source allows for full spectrum scans within seconds, significantly cutting down maintenance costs. Enjoy the flexible operation of a stand-alone instrument, or power your bench with LabX® PC software to optimize data integrity, and connect multi-parameter systems with other METTLER TOLEDO instruments.
Micro-volume Spectrophotometer
The UV5Nano is a dedicated micro-volume spectrophotometer which performs accurate and reproducible micro-volume measurements with only 1 µL of sample. LockPath™ technology prevents the sample from drying out and allows a wide concentration range to be measured. This powerful compact instrument, which focuses on life science spectrophotometry applications, offers both cuvette and micro-volume measurements on the stand alone instrument, or with LabX® PC software.

LabX® UV/VIS Software

LabX® UV/VIS PC Software adds work-flow flexibility and supports compliance with regulations such as 21 CFR Pt 11. The combination of LabX® and Excellence spectrophotometers allow for complete customisation of UV/VIS workstations to the workflow in the lab. The laboratory solution performs calculations, reports, and data-management, saving time for operators and lab managers, and reducing the risk of transcription errors.
UV/VIS Excellence Spectrophotometer Applications
UV/VIS Excellence spectrophotometers can be used in a wide variety of industries. Strict regulations in the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics industry are covered with the UV7 Spectrophotometer, which offers superior optical performance and together with LabX® PC software, ensures data integrity and compliance with regulations. Life science and biotechnology industries can benefit from the pre-defined methods of the UV5Bio and UV5Nano spectrophotometers. Industries which require high throughput can automate their workflow and measure up to 303 samples with the InMotion autosampler.



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