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Reduce sample prep costs with XcelVap

Horizon Technology, offers the XcelVap™ system, an automated benchtop evaporation/concentration system that provides rapid, gentle evaporation of up to 54 sample extracts, ranging in size from less than 1mL to 200mL.


Liquid/Liquid, continuous, micro or solid phase extractions of environmental, food, clinical or other matrices need evaporation of solvent to rapidly reduce sample volumes appropriate for the best analytical instrument sensitivity. Evaporation is accomplished by combining consistent heat, controlled sparge gas, and active venting of the solvent vapours. With the XcelVap™ system, less time and attention are required to prepare reproducible extracts for chromatographic analysis (GC/MS, LC/MS, GC, LC), improving laboratory productivity.

The XcelVap™ system provides automated pressure profiling for optimum speed with the most reproducible recoveries. The XcelVap System can accept racks to hold tubes of a variety of sizes and shapes. Nitrogen nozzles can be changed or reconfigured by the user to simplify maintenance and increase versatility. Three new racks have been introduced that will hold 54 12×75 mm test tubes, 24 20-mL VOA, or 24 60-mL VOA vials.

The easy water bath management with water level sensor and front draining provides best performance. Up to 54 samples can be processed simultaneously for unprecedented productivity. The system accommodates many popular sample tubes providing flexibility for multiple applications. Minimum operation is required, freeing the operator for other tasks. The small footprint and portrait orientation maximises valuable space inside fume hoods or on the laboratory bench. Fumes are exhausted through a rear vent port making containment of solvent vapors safe and simple to control.

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