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Xevo TQ-GC system

Xevo TQ-GC system – the perfect addition to your laboratory

The Waters Xevo TQ-GC mass spectrometer is GC-MS/MS system for food safety and quality laboratories. The system allows laboratories to consistently meet and exceed limits of detection when quantifying pesticides residues and other contaminants in food using GC-MS/MS methods set forth by worldwide regulatory agencies/authorities.

Hundreds of pesticides are in use throughout the world, and with other emerging contaminants regularly coming to the attention of regulatory authorities, laboratories need to be able to accurately detect and quantify pesticides in a variety of food types and GC-MS/MS, along with liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS), is the preferred technique of choice for the majority of them.


The Xevo TQ-GC is a GC tandem quadrupole mass spectrometer with an electron impact ionization source. The Xevo TQ-GC is sensitive enough to meet regulatory limits and reliable enough to perform consistently, day to day, making it the perfect addition to busy testing laboraties.

Xevo TQ-GC perfectly compliments Waters LC-MS systems because it is supported on the same MassLynx software platform. This means that labs can address the widest range of analytes and sample matrices by having access to both GC and LC-MS technologies on a single software platform with common core workflows for method development and sample analysis.  MassLynx software also includes automated tuning and system health check functionality.

The Quanpedia™ database is an extensible and searchable database for quantitative method information, thereby simplifying and accelerating method creation.  Targetlynx, is an application manager that automates processing and reporting for quantitative results and incorporates a range of confirmatory checks to ensure quality control checking and rapid report creation.

Waters also provides sample extraction chemistries, for example, DISQUE dispersive-SPE solutions to facilitate the rapid screening of large numbers of food and agricultural samples for multiple pesticide residues.

The Xevo TQ-GC is thus the perfect addition for analytical laboratories providing GC-MS/MS capabilities through a platform that is both familiar to existing users and has simple and intuitive workflows to enable minimal training for new users.  Unexpected downtime and complicated maintenance no longer need to challenge scientists or inhibit productivity.  Both hardware and software have been designed and optmised to ensure seamless integration into the modern analytical laboratory.

Xevo TQ-GC