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XPR microbalance

XPR Microbalances increase lab productivity

METTLER TOLEDO’s XPR micro and ultra-micro balance line presents a combination of usability and accuracy, which is critical in the pharmaceutical industry where sample sizes are small, and productivity must be maintained.


New ultra-micro balance

The XPR6UD5 ultra-micro balance offers a 0.5 microliter resolution and 25 percent better repeatability than traditional microbalances, allowing one to decrease sample sizes while maintaining accuracy. It can therefore reduce ongoing processing costs for companies where a further decrease in sample sizes can conserve rare or precious resources.

Valid results guaranteed

The winning blend of resolution, repeatability and range is created using innovations such as the Active Temperature Control system (ATC) which draws heat away from the weighing cell, thereby enhancing stability and measurement accuracy.  The built-in Good Weighing Practice (GWP) approved quality assurance function actively monitors the balance status.

Efficient processes

A small bench print and new user interface, similar to a smartphone, allows users to swipe for programming and running tasks. A built-in notepad simplifies documentation, while individual methods can be stored and accessed via icons, saving time and enhancing security. Tolerance profiles also ensure that weighing tasks meet defined process requirements and applicable regulations.

Ergonomic & productive

Additional XPR design benefits include a new weighing pan for easier cleaning, USB data-transfer for quick export of task parameters or results, and a two-screen system that allows the main touchscreen to be placed wherever it is most ergonomic and convenient.

XPR’s productivity-enhancing features and repeatable micro-range weighing, succeed in this ultra-micro balance creating a new level of productivity in the lab.

XPR micro balance